A true love story is told through a depth of knowledge of you are as a couple. We are passionate about the uniqueness of each love story and bringing that to life. We love learning about each of you, individually and as a couple, but most importantly about your love story. And we do this through our unique design approach.

Our approach is to marry a blend of creativity, innovation and intimacy to create an always inviting, comforting and stylish wedding design for you and your guests. We will build upon the existing beauty of the venue to evoke an emotion and create an ambience for your wedding.

Our true passion is creating intimate spaces throughout a large event for guests to feel as if they have escaped their everyday life to enjoy that exact moment with you. We draw upon the uniqueness of you as a couple to incorporate hidden details and gems throughout the event so that guests are truly taken back. Sharing your love story through design is what we are truly passionate about and taking the time to form a friendship with you allows us the insight into your story that helps to create an unforgettable wedding day.

I take cues from the old and new, hip and trendy, textured &organic pairing them with the classic & timeless to transcend trends, embrace tradition and to make each event as remarkably beautiful as it possibly can be. I embrace each client and wedding as if it were my own with a hope to combine the tangible and unseen to forge a new path using my experience and innovation while telling your unique love story.

I promise to always have your dreams, hopes, wants and personality as the forth runner in styling and executing your event. I promise to be your voice of reason, your tiebreaker and your backbone throughout the planning process. I promise to know when to just listen, when to speak up, when to make you laugh and when to give you a hug.

I promise to create…

a lifelong memory

an affair to remember

the event of a lifetime

the party of the year